Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Leadership styles - McCain and Obama

From David Brooks column in the NYT:
The key word in any Obama speech is “you.” Other politicians talk about what they will do if elected. Obama talks about what you can do if you join together. Like a community organizer on a national scale, he is trying to move people beyond their cynicism, make them believe in themselves, mobilize their common energies.
In the same column, on McCain:
In the Senate, he sits in the back of the Republican policy lunches cracking jokes at the hired spin-meisters. He is allergic to blind party discipline and builds radically different coalitions depending on his views on each issue — global warming, campaign finance, spending, the war. He is most offended by dishonor. He’ll be sitting in his Senate office and he’ll read about some act of selfishness — a corrupt Pentagon contract, Jack Abramoff’s scandals — and he’ll spend the next several months punishing wrongdoing.
So, which leadership style are you?

Meanwhile back in Mumbai, here's what else is happening in the first week of the New Year.

1. The Police Chief termed the molestation of two women by a mob of over 70 on New Years night as "a minor issue".

2. Shiv Sena chief Udhav Thackeray wants ID cards for everyone in Mumbai to ensure that outsiders don't oust sons of soil in Mumbai. In related news, a movie on the theme of elimination of all anti-Marathis, is due to release on Jan 18th.

3. Revenue Minister Narayan Rane has stopped all legal proceedings (initiated by the Collector) against Khar Gymkhana, a private club found flouting norms pertaining to misuse of land meant for recreational purposes.

4. And finally, a builder was allegedly behind the murder of a Maha Thero Buddhist Monk in Govandi. The Maha Thero was opposed to the builders plans to construct a building in the area, under the Slum Rehab Scheme.

Can't wait for the other 359 days. Meanwhile, a very Happy New Year to you too.