Saturday, November 03, 2007

Watch out for summer 2008

..because it promises to be far warmer than 2007, not just because or rising temperatures, but because of falling electricity supply.

Mumbai's boast of 24x7 power was severely put to the test earlier this year. We managed by borrowing from other states and biding those sweltering summer months (and it gets progressively hotter doesn't it?). Come next summer and get ready for begging and borrowing again. Have a look at the chart below. (Source: Link. Download as excel file: Link).

Yet again, the city will find itself in a bind because there are no new sources of power considering that all three power suppliers (Reliance, BEST and Tata Power) will be increasing output in the next one year. Leave alone development, here we're talking basic amenities in our city. Wonder if the ministers should start praying from now on itself.