Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Maharashtra tops JNNURM funds takers

Question of the day - Which Indian state tops the list for availing Central Government funds for city projects, under the important Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission?

Answer - Maharashtra. For 47 projects, the state has drawn funds of Rs 6,396 crore. (Source: today's TOI. E-paper link here).

While the TOI article is based on a report that I can't find, data just prior to this report is available on the JNNURM website. This is a chart based on this data (accessable as Google Spreadsheet here).

What I can't figure out is how much of this money has come to Mumbai. Or wait, does the fact that the Urban Land Ceiling Regulation Act (ULCRA) has not yet been repealed in Maharashtra have anything to do with that? I doubt it, since the state (not the city) tops the country in taking JNNURM funds.

Yet, funds have never been a real issue for the city. Whether through the State Government, or Central Government or even the BMC's huge annual budget. That's among the reason I'm not a big believer in the theory that "Mumbai gives so much to the Centre and we get nothing back". Well, I don't know about that now, considering that the state to which the city belongs to, gets the most from the Centre's scheme for urban renewal.