Saturday, September 22, 2007

Broken window theory in Mumbai

If only. But, the DNA reports today
The Mumbai police, on Thursday, took their first - even if an unwitting - step towards adapting the broken-windows approach when they urged the courts to hand down tough sentences to violators of traffic rules.

Three men had to spend a night in prison for such offences as reckless changing of lanes and breaking the speed limit
One night in prison is hardly enough to stop our intrepid traffic violators in the city. Take a look around and you should realise that the perception (myth?) about driving in Mumbai being disciplined, is all but over. More vehicles, less roads, more work and less time has resulted in all of us blissfully breaking almost every rule while driving. From lane cutting to talking on cell-phones while driving to not stopping before zebra crossing at signals, etc.

Leave alone pondering on the broken window theory, if only Mumbai's traffic police could just keep no-parking zones free of cars parked there, you'd see miraculous results on traffic.