Monday, August 27, 2007

Mumbai Voter Id Card - Update

When I last posted on how to get your Election Photo ID Card (EPIC), or voters card, I received many queries pertaining to the schedules for the issue of the EPICs across various areas. Unfortunately the Chief Electoral Officer's website has stopped posting these schedules online.

However, I know for a fact that this exercise is underway in Mumbai because (a) I've seen ads in Worli notifying the dates when these cards will be issued and (b) I've also seen vans with election officials roaming in streets in Santacruz, armed with loudspeakers, urging citizens to apply for the EPIC.

I'm now sure when (if at all) the CEO plans to upload the schedule on their website. Till then, for those who want to get their voter ID cards, I can point you to two links as below.

1. For those in Mumbai City (i.e. from Colaba to Mahim): please visit the Mumbai City Collector's website (click here)

2. For those in Mumbai Suburbs (i.e. from Bandra to Dahisar): please visit the Mumbai Suburban Collector's website (click here)

Both the links provide you with the phone numbers of the Collector's Office. Once you have these numbers, do the following -

1. Call at the numbers and simply ask "how do I get my voter ID card?". You will be asked where you stay and then given the phone number of the relevant office in your area.

2. Call that number and ask for the details. For e.g. "What is the schedule for issue of voter ID cards in my area", "Where do I go to my voter ID card", etc. etc.

I hope this works for you.

Request to other bloggers/aggregators - if any of you kind people think this message (relevant only for Mumbaikars) is worthy of spreading, please link or copy paste, etc. Thanks.