Tuesday, June 05, 2007

BMC corporators disqualified for faking caste certificate

Elections are always about numbers. Take the recent Bombay Municipality Elections. The ones that decide who runs your neighborhood, and pretty much the city of Mumbai. In Feb-2007, the Shiv Sena-BJP combine won these elections with a majority of 119 seats out of the total 227.

Of the 227 seats, 74 are reserved and caste certificates have to be submitted by the candidates to the Divisional Caste Verification Committee. However, this has to be done after the elections.

These certificates are now being examined by the CVC. Turns out that many of these respected councilors have submitted fake caste certificates. Anything to win the election, I guess.

As per an Indian Express article, these are some of the abovementioned honorable people (full article here) (for a comprehensive list of all the winners, go here)

  1. Yadav Lalji Ramkishore — Samajwadi Party
  2. Chonkar Manmohan S — Shiv Sena
  3. Shaikh Mohammed Hussain— Samajwadi party
  4. Pahudkar Rashmi Rane— Shiv Sena
  5. Khan Harun Yusuf — NCP
  6. Pawar Narayan Janu — Independent
  7. Chougule Shirish Chintaman — MNS
  8. Pravin Devhare — Shiv Sena
  9. Subhash Kanta Sawant — Shiv Sena
  10. Mahadeshwar Pandurang — Shiv Sena
  11. Dnyanmurti Sharma — BJP
  12. Simantini Narkar — Shiv Sena
  13. Suresh Gangan — Shiv Sena
Mere disqualification won't hold them back though. Most of them have approached the High Court to stay this order, and would be fairly confident of prolonging the process and holding to the seat for dear life.

Some voices on this matter below, for your perusal:

Shiv Sena councillor and leader of the House Sunil Prabhu—whose party has nine councillors with discrepancies in their caste certificates—is confident that Sena corporators will manage to obtain a stay order. He claims that mere technicalities in the certificates have been intentionally used against these corporators.

“But we are sure that the Judiciary will rule in our favour,” said Prabhu, adding that even if that is not the case, a by-election is not likely to disturb the existing distribution of seats. [>>]

"The scrutiny committee has been unfair to us but we have faith in the high court. Even if by-elections are called for in these wards, we are sure winning of these seats again" said Sunil Prabhu, Sena leader in the BMC.[>>]

Crying foul over the large number of members to be disqualified, Mhadeshwar said, "The committee is working under government pressure. I am an OBC and my caste certificate mentions it. But the committee refuses to recognise it. The committee appears intent on bringing discomfort to the Sena alliance."[>>]

Shiv Sena, however, is sure that it won’t lose any of its members. The party blamed Rane for trying to disqualify corporators of the Sena-BJP combine. “I am very sure that Narayan Rane is behind this disqualification bid as the committee which is verifying the caste certificates comes under the revenue department. Why is it that only the Sena corporators have been issued notices?” questioned Shiv Sena corporator Vishwanath Mhadeshwar.[>>]

Pretty much the state of civic administration in the city, not that you needed any reminders.