Thursday, May 10, 2007

Get your Voter Photo ID Card now

Update - If you have not received your voter ID card, please read this first.

- I've received a lot of comments on queries pertaining to schedule, forms, etc. For all these matters, could I request readers to please keep checking the Chief Electoral Officer, Maharashtra's website for details on the voter photo-ID program.

In case your question is still not answered, please...

(a) Read this ad here, which has an SMS number and e-mail address to be contacted in case of queries

(b) Read these FAQs here.

Parel (Assembly Constituency #28 has been added to the list. If you stay in Parel, check the EPIC schedule for that area here).

For those who missed out on voting in the BMC elections, here's your chance - a full two years in advance - to ensure that you don't miss out on voting in the 2009 Elections in Maharashtra.

Did you notice this while reading your newspaper today?

The State Election Commission has initiated a commendable drive to issue your Elector Photo Identity Card (EPIC), or simply Voter ID card, on the spot. That's right. I got mine done in just under 15 minutes, by going to the local Election Registration Office (ERO).

While you are supposed to get an notification slip at your home with your name, ERO address and further details on how to get the EPIC, chances are - as they were in my case - you might have not got this slip.

Of course, chances are you might not even be on the Electoral Rolls (more on that in a later part of this post) but neither of these issues are big problems. Read further on how to tackle them.

The EC is currently holding the EPIC program in four constituencies (Chembur, Nehru Nagar, Mulund and Khetwadi).

Earlier, it has completed the drive in six other constituencies (Dadar, Matunga, Amboli, Bandra, Mumbadevi and Mahim).

If you belong to any of the eleven constituencies mentioned above, here's the checklist for getting your EPIC.

1. First and foremost, check if your name appears on the Electoral Rolls. Don't groan. You can do this online. Go here and click on the "SEARCH ELECTORAL ROLLS" tab.

2. If your name appears correctly on the rolls, then go to point 4 below.

3. If there are any problems in your name then click on the following links to apply ONLINE (yes, online and not go to any office)..

Click here to to have your name included (Form 6)

Click here to delete a name in the Rolls (Form 7)

Click here to modify your name (Form 8)

Click here to change your address (Form 8a)

4. After your name is included on the rolls, you have to go to your local election office.

A> If you belong to the following constituencies, click on the link to view a detailed schedule of the program in your area. Each area has multiple EROs. Go to any one of them with proof of identity and residence (ideally a ration card, drivers license, passport, etc), and that's it. You should be issued your EPIC by the (very helpful) election staff at the ERO.

47 Chembur

48 Nehru Nagar

52 Mulund

22 Khetwadi

B> If you belong to the constituencies below (where the drive has already been conducted), you can still get your EPIC. I've given the ERO address (same as in the third ad above) next to the constituency name and number. Just walk in to the ERO with proof of ID/residence (ideally a ration card, drivers license, passport), and you should get your EPIC at these EROs.

Dadar (AC 32) - Govt. Technical High School and Jr. College, 1st Floor, Room No. 5, Dadar (W), Mumbai - 28

Mazgaon (AC 27) - M. H. B. Building No. 1/2, Ground Floor, Abhyudaya Nagar, Kala Chowki, Mumbai - 33

Amboli (AC 39) - P. W. D. Barracks, D. N. Road, Andheri (W), Mumbai - 58

Bandra (AC 36) - R. V. Technical School, 17th Road, Khar (W), Mumbai - 52

Mumbadevi (AC 21) - Taraporwala Aquarium Building, 1st Floor, Netaji Subash Chandra Road, Charni Road, Mumbai - 2.

Mahim (AC 34) -
Badminton Hall, Below Flyover Bridge (Western Railway), Mumbai

This is one of the most comprehensive efforts undertaken to increase voter registration. I've never seen a simpler, voter-friendly way of getting the EPIC (which, btw, is as important a document as your passport). I've tried the system and it works. Now you try it.

In fact, if you believe that others should know more about this, then spread the word. Thanks in advance.