Friday, April 27, 2007

Mumbai as IFC

I know this is happening too often, but posting frequency will remain low in the near future due to - what else? - work.

In the meanwhile, I will point you towards Ajay Shah's exhaustive compilation of links related to the Government's High Powered Expert Committee (HPEC) Report on "Mumbai as an International Finance Centre (IFC)".

For now, my interest is limited to the committee's comments on Mumbai's physical and social infrastructure and governance (slides 24 to 26 of the HPEC presentation).

I hope to go through all the reports and presentations (that Mr. Shah has linked to) and post on some aspects like these (from the presentation mentioned above)-

Slide 12 titled "Mumbai's physical infrastructure" includes this point "To be an IFC: Mumbai needs to be 1st world city".

Slide 26 (on Governance) includes "City's Governance must be independent of state" and "City's management needs to be autonomous, transparent and accountable to City residents"

Are the politicians listening?