Friday, March 30, 2007

Mumbai out of top 10 Indian business-friendly cities

The table shown above is a ranking of the best Indian cities for setting up and running a business. It's from a larger report by International Finance Corporation (IFC). The report is titled "Doing business in South Asia 2007" and can be downloaded from this link at their site. The report also features prominently in the front pages of todays' Mumbai dailies (like DNA).

Chew on that if you will. Mumbai is out of the top 10 Indian cities in terms of doing business with ease. I've not read the report in its entirety and probably IFC might have used parameters that can be debated further. Indeed, we might find the ranking difficult to believe, considering the businesses that thrive in this city. Yet, IFC has made a point worth delving on, at least by our administration.

And yet, after reading it, the Finance Minister's recent intentions to make Mumbai a "regional financial centre" just sounded a bit hollow.

On a separate note, my apologies for not updating this blog often (as always due to pressures at my work place). I hope to put in more effort in the near future.