Monday, February 05, 2007

Where the extra half hour came from

I read this piece by Tom Friedman on the "The Oil-Addicted Ayatollahs" in the New York Times. While this post doesn't have anything to do with that topic, I like the way he's worded this part.

It is hard to come to Moscow and not notice what the last five years of high oil prices have done for middle-class consumption here. Five years ago, it took me 35 minutes to drive from the Kremlin to Moscow’s airport. On Monday, it took me two and half hours. There was one long traffic jam from central Moscow to the airport, because a city built for 30,000 cars, which 10 years ago had 300,000 cars, today has three million cars and a ring of new suburbs. [Full article link here, paid registration required]
Sounds familiar ? Here are some statistics to chew on for Mumbai -

36 years back, in 1971, there were a sum total of 152,082 vehicles on the road.

Ten years later, in 1981, this increased to 351,796.

Twenty years later, in 2001, it stood at 1,029,563.

Around Aug-06, there were about 1.2m vehicles on the road.

Anyone visiting Mumbai after 5 years ? Would love to hear from you what changes you've seen.

I know it takes me half hour more to reach home on a road built to occupy far, far less vehicles than it does today.

Note - data displayed above has been taken from MMRDA (link here), BMC (link here) and a newspaper whose link I do not have, but photo I do have.

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