Thursday, September 21, 2006

In print and all that

India Today carried an article on Bombay bloggers, featuring Govindraj Ethiraj, Arzan Sam Wadia, Amit Varma, Peter Griffin Arzan has a post on it (link here, thanks Arzan) with a scan of the article done by his sister Mehernaaz (thank you).

For reasons best know to them, India Today got my URL wrong - it is not In fact I had tried for that URL when I first started out this blog, but at that point it was taken. Despite that, even now, as it was then, if you click on that link, you are greeted with "Not Found".

At the photo shoot, I was hoping to meet up with Govind - a blogger that I, along with many others, have a lot of respect for - but unfortunately he couldn't make it.

And talking of respect for bloggers, I'm wondering why an article on Blogging in Mumbai didn't even have a mention of Dilip D'Souza and Sonia Faleiro.