Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Burning bridges

Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge was blown up last night by Washington city officials to make way for a new version. What's interesting was that the button was pressed - or rather, the plunger was pushed - not by a politician or civil servant or a leader, but by 53-year old Dan Ruefly, a veteran user of the bridge.
"What an honor," said Mr. Ruefly, 53, who won a contest sponsored by the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Project to find the motorist with the worst bridge-related commuting story. As the winner, he got to trigger last night's detonation of 2,600 tons of steel. "It was great to be able to do this for all of those commuters who have sat on that bridge. It was worth the wait."
Wonder which road Mumbaikars would be glad to get rid of - L. J. Road Mahim junction ranks up there, as does the Peddar Road stretch. Then there's the narrow Andheri Station junction, Dadar T. T, Sion circle, etc, etc...

I'm sure we won't run out of any such road stretches that are the "banes of many commuters" but I'm also sure it will take many more dislocated backs and shattered hip bones to get rid of them. Till then, laage raho BMC.