Monday, July 10, 2006

Meet our Mayor

"I over-reacted" – Bill to Beatrix Kiddo when she finally hunts him down in Kill Bill 2*.

To this, I now add…

"What else could they have done?" Sena MP, Madhukar Sarpotdar, answering to NDTV’s Sreenavasan Jain’s question on why the Shiv Sainiks reacted violently in Bombay after the statue of Meenatai Thackeray, the late wife of Sena Supremo, Balasaheb Thackeray was desecrated.

…And here now, is my picture of the day (Courtesy: TOI). Guess who is the circled man in that photo?

He’s the mayor of Mumbai – Datta Dalvi. He’s seen leading protesting Shiv Sainiks staging a “rail roko” at Vikhroli Railway Station.

That’s right. Welcome to Mumbai. Where the mayor of the city steps out of his home on a Sunday morning, gets down on the rail tracks and leads protestors to stop trains.

The mayor of the city.

Shiv Sena’s leaders have done it again. While Mr. Sarpotdar’s statement to Mr. Jain should come as no surprise (given his illustrious background in the 1993 riots), the Mayor of the city coming out personally to stop trains comes as a neat slap on the face for Mumbaikars.

The same Mayor, who states "Mumbai City is known not only as the capital city of Maharashtra State, but also as the Urbs Prima in Indis, or the Premier City of India." as he pens the foreword for the one prime agency under his control – the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai.

Forget solving the problems of the city, forget leading the BMC, forget even chilling at home on a Sunday. The Mayor of the city believes that as a Sena leader he has been given the right to stop trains from functioning because the statue of his Supremo’s wife was desecrated.

All this is happening in 2006. In Bombay – the Premier City of India.

The least they can do is remove “The Honourable” part when they address the Mayor.

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* - That's Bill's answer to Beatrix when she asks him why he, along with the Deadly Vipers, had wiped out all her friends and to-be family at her wedding.