Thursday, March 02, 2006

Mumbai Mill Lands - what's coming up where

The table above is from this brilliant and fairly detailed Indian Express article by Chitrangada Choudhury (dated October 23 2005) . It gives an indicative list of the kind of structures planned/existing in parts of the mill land area. Indeed that's a lot of buildings...sorry, "towers", due to come up in the Mill Land Area. I don't even want to hazard a guess on the kind of strain this will put on our infamously crumbling infrastructure.

Disclaimer - Data in the table above is courtesy Indian Express and taken from their article - link provided -

And since we're talking about builders and their plans for Mumbai's Mill Land, how can we forget that between March and July-2005, various builders also bought five NTC mills for a total of Rs2,041cr. A lot of money. That's roughly equal to Rs81,640 per worker that worked in Girangaon, Bombay's Mill District, based on peak mill labour strength of 250,000 in the '80s. Probably a random statistic.

The above NTC sale was set aside by the High Court on 17th October 2005 . Two months later, the High Court's verdict was stayed by the Supreme Court which also asked developers to go ahead with demolition of the buildings, but -aha - not to proceed with the construction. For that please await the Supreme Court's final verdict.

While passing Shiv Sena Bhavan today, I noticed that the Kohinoor Mills have been razed. Which is ironic considering that it was sold to Matoshree Realtors and Kohinoor Projects. Raj Thackeray is a director of Matoshree, while Manohar Joshi's son owns Kohinoor Projects.

I do hope that what these Shiv Sainiks ultimately put up on the erstwhile Mill Land benefits the Marathi Manoos that their party fights for. As for the other Marathi Manoos that worked in the Mill Lands - I'm not sure what benefits they'd get from the malls, multiplexes and towers that would most likely sprout up on the land on which they once worked.