Monday, March 20, 2006

Bandra Worli Sealink work on in full throttle

From the HT's March18th article we learn that work is on at "full throttle" on the Bandra Worli Sealink. Superb photo above, from the article, of the progress so far.

The article says "While 800 metres of the first four-lane bridge have been completed from the Bandra end, 600 metres of the bridge stand completed on the other side.... Four lanes of the Sealink will be completed by mid-2007. It will take another two years for the entire project to be done....The total length of high-tension wire used for the bridge is equivalent to the circumference of the Earth!"

Well, here's hoping that this link is finished at least on time (i.e. next year). It should give some relief to cars stuck on Mahim Causeway, which nowadays is nothing short of torture thanks to a subway currently being built nearby. Subway - yes, that's right. What purpose this will achieve I have no idea, but the powers-that-be (MUIP/MUTP/votever) probably had the Haji Ali junction in mind wherein north-bound traffic is made a free left with pedestrians using the subway to cross over to Mahim Church (although suspiciously I can't see any exit of the subway!).

Wishful thinking ? I hope not. After all we are sacrificing our today for the "better tomorrow" being promised to us by the powers-that-be. Amen to that.